Skull Painted Plate

Skull Painted Plate

skull painted plate


Clear glass plate
Rubbing alcohol
Template or design you want to paint, reversed
Masking tape
Sharpie paint marker
Americana Gloss Enamel paints


Clean the back of the plate with rubbing alcohol to ensure that it is completely clean and free of any oils.

Tape the design to the front of the plate. We'll be working on the back of the plate so you'll be able to display food or eat off the front.

Draw the outline of the design using the Sharpie paint marker.

When the pen design is completely dry, fill in the design using the Americana Gloss Enamel paints. Remove the template at this point as you will have the outline already drawn in. Use the template as a reference. Fill the area around the skull in black paint.

Bake the plates at 350°F for 30 minutes. Let the plates cool completely and then bake again. This will make the plates dishwasher safe according to the packaging. I still like to be careful with these plates and tend to hand wash them to make the paint last longer.

template sharpie paint marker detail
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