Halloween Wreath

Halloween Wreath

halloween wreath


Thick cardboard
Black paint and paintbrush
Orange and yellow tissue paper, cut into approx. 3" squares
Googly eyes in assorted sizes

Optional extras:
Black pom pom (I made ours out of black yarn)
2 pipes cleaners
Battery operated LED lights


Begin by cutting out a wreath shape from the cardboard. I used a dinner plate for the outer circle and a side plate for the inner circle. Cut it out using a utility knife to cut a rough shape and then clean up the edges with scissors.
Get your little one to paint the wreath shape entirely using the black paint.

Once the wreath is dry your little one gets to decorate.
Show your child how to crumple up the tissue and dip it in the glue to stick it on the wreath. Add some googly eyes to the wreath.

To make the spider, cut the pipe cleaners in half and twist them together to make 8 legs. Shape them to look more like spider legs.
Dip the legs in glue and stick it to the wreath. Stick the pom pom on top of the legs and then add a bunch of googly eyes to complete the spider.

To finish the wreath Bwrap the lights around it and tape them in place on the back when they are positioned where you wanted them.
Hang on your door and admire your hard work with your little one.

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