DIY T-Shirt Dress

DIY T-Shirt Dress

t-shirt dress


T Shirt
Knit fabric
Scissors or rotary cutter
Ruler or measuring tape
Chalk to mark
Sewing machine and matching thread to sew everything together

supplies pinned dress


Take the fabric you want to use for the skirt part of the dress and measure it out. The shirt I was using was 12 inches wide, so 24 inches all the way around at the waist. I also measured a well fitting dress from the waist to get an idea of how long I wanted the skirt part to be. The strip of fabric I cut out measured 30 inches by 8.5 inches. This gave me a little extra room in the waist and some seam allowance too.

Hem the bottom of the fabric with a zig zag stitch. Fold the strip in half and sew up the back to make a complete skirt.
Make a gather stitch around the top of the skirt so it will fit to the shirt nicely.

Pin the skirt to the t-shirt, right sides facing. Start pinning with the middle of the front, the side seams and the middle of the back. Next pin in between and make sure the gathers are evenly distributed.

Once the skirt is attached, turn everything the right way around and press the seam. Sew a top stitch to make sure that everything stays in place and lies flat.

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