DIY Corner Desk

DIY Corner Desk

diy corner desk


Wood or particle board for the desk top
Thin strips of wood to install it to the wall
Spray paint
Screws (and anchors)


To make the desk start by measuring how big you want it. I wanted mine about 3 feet long on one side and about 4 feet long on the other side.
Measure this out on the wood and draw a straight line between them to creat a triangle shape.
Cut this line using a jigsaw, sand the edges and spray paint it. Add a coat of sealer to make it durable.
To install the desk I firmly secured a strip of wood just shorter than the desk edge on each side. Some of the screws were screwed into the studs and I anchored the other ones. Make sure it's secure and sturdy.
To add the desk top rest the triangle piece that was prepared earlier on top of the wood strips and simply screw it in place to make sure it doesn't move around. Make sure to countersink the screws so they don't stick out.

corner desk corner desk corner desk
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