Thunderstruck Rainbow Cake

Thunderstruck Rainbow Cake

thunderstruck rainbow cake


To make this cake I started off with a double batch of cake mix. Once the cake mix was all mixed up I shared it equally between 6 bowls. I used red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple coloring to make all the different color layers and baked each layer separately.
Once all the cake layers were baked I leveled them off and started to stack them with a layer of frosting between each one. The bottom 3 layers were baked in a 9" pan and the top 3 layers were baked in a 8" pan so I kept the 2 stacks separate until I was ready to decorate and finish the entire cake. I did a crumb coat of frosting on each of the stacks.
To assemble the cake I places the 9" stack on the cake board and put the outer layer of frosting on the cake. I then stacked the 8" stack on top and frosted the outside layer of frosting on it. To neaten up the edges I piped some blue frosting around the base of the cake and some yellow frosting at the base of the 8" stack of cakes.

I made the chocolate letters in a similar way to my celebration cake and simply stuck them into the frosting on top of the cake.

For the lightning bolt, I printed a lightning bolt image that I found on google, cut it out and placed it on top of the cake where I wanted the lightning bolt to be placed. I traced around the edge of the temple with a toothpick. After removing the template, I used some yellow frosting to color in the lightning bolt.

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