Modeling Chocolate Mermaid Cake

Modeling Chocolate Mermaid Cake

modeling chocolate mermaid cake

Modeling Chocolate

Modified from here


1 lb baking chips (I used vanilla, but you could use chocolate or candy melts too)
1/2 cup corn syrup
Food coloring


Add water to a small saucepan and bring to the boil.
Once water is boiled turn down to a simmer and place a glass bowl on top.
Add chocolate/baking chips to the bowl and leave to melt stirring frequently. Once it is melted, stir and remove from the stove.
Put the corn syrup in a jug and microwave for a few seconds to warm it.
Slowly start adding the corn syrup, folding it in with a spatula. Don't mix to fast, but keep at a constant pace.
The mixture will become thicker as you mix it together. Make sure all the chocolate and syrup are incorporated together by checking that there are no chocolate/baking chip streaks in the mix.
Place some plastic wrap on top of a piece of cardboard or cutting board and then pour out the chocolate mix onto it. Wrap the plastic wrap around the chocolate and leave it to harden overnight.
Once the chocolate is hardened you will need start to kneading it before you can use it.
I found it was easier to knead it in smaller sections rather than all at once.

Once your modeling chocolate is pliable you can start to add food coloring to color it if yo
u like.
I used pink, purple, turquoise and left some of the chocolate white. Adding the food coloring can be pretty messy so you may want to consider wearing some food-safe gloves for this part.

Once you have your modeling chocolate colored just sculpt it to your desired shape.

Mermaid Cake

To decorate this cake I made the mermaid and some little fish. I just dipped a toothpick into some food coloring to draw on the eyes and mouth. I also used a toothpick to scratch in the scales of the tail. The cake is just a yellow butter cake made in the shape of a star. I colored some white vanilla whipped frosting in blue and pink to match the mermaid. I used a spatula to apply the blue frosting to the cake so it wasn't too smooth and looked more like waves in the water. I piped on the pink around the bottom of the cake to finish it.

mermaid cake
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