British-Style Trifle

British-Style Trifle

Makes 10 servings

british style trife


2 packs of Little Debbie Strawberry Shortcake Bars
1/2 cup apple juice (You can substitute sherry here too for an extra kick!)
1lb frozen mixed berries or raspberries
3 cups custard (I use Bird's Custard Powder to make the custard)
8oz container of Cool Whip, thawed (or you can use regular whipped cream)
For the Topping Sprinkles
Chocolate chips
Maraschino cherries


Take the Strawberry Shortcake bars out of their wrappers and cut the icing off the bottom. I find that the bars are way too sweet with the icing on. Cut each bar into 3 pieces.
In a large glass bowl start to arrange the cakes on their ends next to each other until they fill the entire bottom of the bowl. This cake layer is our first layer! Pour the apple juice (or sherry) over the cakes. This will soak into the cakes and make them very moist.

The next layer is the fruit layer. Add the bag of frozen fruit to the bowl on top of the cake layer. Set the bowl to one side. The juice will soak into the cake and the fruit will thaw.

Our next layer is the custard. To make it I just follow the instructions on the packet for the stove top method. You will need a double batch of custard. I usually decrease the milk by a quarter (so use 3/4 of the amount required) so that the custard is thicker. Leave the custard to cool.
Once it is cooled add the custard to the trifle bowl on top of the fruit.

Our next layer is the Cool Whip or cream. Simply add this on top of the custard.

Our very final layer is optional, but fun! For this trifle we added some sprinkles. We had rainbow sprinkles and dinosaur sprinkles. I usually use maraschino cherries, but Bea just loves sprinkles! You could also use chocolate chips or maybe other little candies.

And that's it! The instructions seem pretty long, but it's not too complicated and doesn't take very long to make.

trifle ingredients preparing the cake layer of the trife trifle fruit layer making custard adding sprinkles to trifle
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